Assure Slim GPS Location Mobile Watch-Phone Review

Assure Box

Since I have become a father in recent years my eyes have been opened to the various child friendly devices, particularly tracking devices. Following on from last year’s Liberty Watch comes Watchover’s Assure Slim SOS GPS Location Mobile Watch-Phone. This watch is suitable for children and the elderly and puts your mind at ease when they are out and about.

The Assure Watch-Phone Box & Set-Up

The watch is a good fit, it’s slim and would not look too bulky on the wearers arm. It comes in three colours pink, blue and black. The packaging is quite attractive and definitely makes the product stand out. Contained within the box are:

1 x Assure Watch phone
1 x USB Cable
1 x User’s Manual

The Watch Phone also comes with a mobile SIM card fitted. The SIM card needs to be activated and your subscription set up for the watch to work. The set-up process is quite straightforward and a quick run through of the quick set-up guide will have you up and running:

Step 1 – Activate the Sim Card and Warranty

Step 2 – Charge the Watch & Power On

Step 3 – Download the WatchOvers App. This can be done through scanning the QR code on the box, going to or search for the app in either the Android or iOS App Stores depending on what device you are using.

Step 4 – Register your Administrator Account. Follow the instructions to set up a new user account.

Step 5 – Pair the Watch with the App. This can be done through the app or by scanning the QR code on the box or in your manual.

Step 6 – Add Contact Numbers. You can add up to 16 contact numbers including the administrator in the contact list. Note: Always use the international dialing code when adding contact numbers.

Assure Features

The Watch Phone comes with an impressive number of features:

Two Way Voice Communication with no roaming charges in 31 countries – Call the watch or the watch can call you (Pre-paid monthly, No Contract, Opt Out Anytime, Or use your own sim option*).

SOS Emergency Alarm – One button press to call your contacts list and simultaneously send SOS alert messages automatically through the App to your contacts who have added the watch to the app.

GPS Location -Real-time tracking – See the watch location on your smartphone in real time. Location updated every 60 seconds.

Geo-Zones – create virtual outdoor boundaries and receive boundary breach alerts. Location updated every 60 seconds for enhanced Geo-Zone accuracy.

Route Recording & Playback – Playback the location history of the watch today, last week or last month.

Listen Safety Monitoring – Listen in silent mode in the event of an accident.

Motion Monitor – The Motion Monitor lets you check that the wearer is active or moving, helpful when caring for an elderly person or someone living alone.

Caller Approval – You control who can call the watch and who the watch can call.

Pre-set Numbers – Add up to 16 Pre-set numbers that can call or be called by the watch directly.

Record Messages – send recorded messages to and from the watch.

Shake‐Shake to make friends – Shake 2 watches at the same time to share contact details for voice messaging each other with up to 10 contacts.

Alert Messaging – receive SOS, Low Battery and Geo-Zone alerts directly to the App.

Multi User – Add up to 16 users, for all the family and or several carers.

Watch Function – Time, Day & Date.

Built in Sim Card – Open the box and get started straight away. WatchOvers Sim card uses the strongest network available, every important in an emergency. Option to use your own sim card.

Multi Alarms – set alarms or reminders which will ring on the watch at the set times, very useful for appointments, medical & other reminders.

Low-power consumption, up to 2 hours call use and up to 48 hours general use or up to 72 hours in manual location mode.

Location – Supports GPS/LBS/WiFi/Cell ID for quick and accurate outdoor location positioning and improved indoor location.

Support – Back Up support in English from the WatchOvers Team.


Functioning as a watch, a tracker device and a two-way phone, the benefits of the Assure Watch-Phone are clear to see. You will have an extra layer of security that enables you to keep a watchful eye over your children or a loved one that you might be worried about.

The watch also provides a level of freedom for the wearer that might not have been afforded previously. In the event of an emergency the SOS alarm, call features, silent listening and tracking features are a great way to locate a loved one quickly. The Alert Messaging also sends alerts to the app in the event of an SOS, when Geo-Zones are breached or when the watch has a low battery.

The Assure Watch-Phone retails at €79.99, which is a reduction on the cost of last years Liberty Watch Phone, which will set you back €119.99. On the downside, there is an on-going subscription cost which may put some users off; this comes in at £7.95/€9.95 per month. This includes 30 minutes talk and all location data. Note : A subscription is required for Mobile Calls and Data, Pre-paid monthly, No Contract, Opt Out Anytime. You may also use your own sim card.

The watch comes with European sim card with a Spanish mobile number, with no roaming charges in 31 European countries and unlike a standard sim card, they use the strongest mobile network, enabling the watch to get mobile coverage even in weak signal locations, vital in times of emergency.

You can learn more about and purchase the Assure Smart-Watch from the WatchOvers website.

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