SMS Audio BioSport™ In-Ear Headphones Review

SMS Audio 1

I recently found myself on the lookout for a new set of headphones for running. While there are a lot of options available, particularly wireless option from the likes of Jabra, which my wife wears. I decided to give SMS Audio’s biometric in-ear headphones a go. They are a cheaper option and they have a discreet optical heart-rate monitor built into one of the buds.

Unboxing the BioSport™ Headphone

The headphones while not the most visually appealing are available in three colours grey, blue and yellow. I went for the least vibrant colour of grey as I use the headphones in work as well as for running. Contained within the box are:

1 x Bio Sport In-Ear Headphones
1x Travel Case
3 x Ear Bud Gels
1 x User’s manual

The headphones were fitted with the medium sized gels at first and I found these too big and uncomfortable. Even when fitted with the small sized gels, which were the right fit for me, it took me a few minutes to fit the headphones comfortably in my ear, particularly figuring out the correct way the heart rate monitor should be inserted.

When testing the headphones out for a run, they did stay in place and for the most part were quite comfortable and after a period of time did not cause any discomfort or inconvenience.

Features & Negatives

SMS Audio boasts a host of features for these headphones which include:

  • Self-charging 3.5mm gold plated headphone jack
  • Built-in optical sensor for heart rate monitoring
  • Tangle-free cord
  • Microphone with music playback controls
  • IPX4 certified sweat and water resistance

A big plus for the headphones are the fact that they are self charging. As long as your phone has battery the heart rate monitor should work. The cord is also convenient as it doesn’t get in the way while running / working out.

I did find a few negatives with the headphones. I can overlook the fact that they are not wireless headphones, it is, however, disappointing that the heart rate monitor is only available to Apple users, and through the iSmooth Run App.

There is also no volume control on the headphones, which means that you will have to take out your phone to adjust the volume to the correct level. Also inconvenient to some, will be the fact that when the slider is set to the heart rate mode, this blocks all incoming calls.

Audio Quality

The sound quality is adequate. It would be difficult to compare it to the leading brands in this field, but if you are happy with muting interruptions from the outside world and simply playing your favourite tunes loud, these headphones will do the job just fine.


I certainly wouldn’t disregard the SMS Audio BioSport™ Headphones as an option, especially if you are looking for a comfortable set of headphones for working out. Compatibility with additional applications and better sound quality would make these more attractive, they do the job of playing your work-out playlist to spur you on during your run or work-out.

While there are better quality headphones available, you will have to pay a higher premium. The BioSport™ headphones are available at this time for $53.95, reduced from $149.95 from SMS Audio’s website*. Shipping costs from the US to Ireland for one pair of Earbuds, a 1lb 3oz box, will cost $23.38 to ship.*Note: The headphones are on Final Sale and no refunds or exchanges will be accepted after purchasing.

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