Chargys Review

Chargys One

The Problem

I am always running low on battery in my iPhone and I am forever getting caught out with a dead phone before the day is out. It always seems this happens at an important time like on holidays, at concert or at football game where I need my phone to capture memorable moments.

The Solution

Enter onto the scene, Chargys, a one time, instant use recyclable charger that you can use to give your battery a boost.

Chargys Two

With mobile phones being an extension to our limbs, Chargys are a very clever and simple solution if you find yourself constantly out of battery. And its not just limited to phones, Chargys Android unit can be used to power E-cigarettes, Go Pro cameras, tablets, pretty much anything with a micro USB port.

How It Works

The Chargys unit comes in an iPhone version (red packaging) and an Android version (green packaging). These two options, while not covering the complete phone market, will cater for most phone users. There is, however, a USB C unit on the way soon which will cover most other phone connections.

Simply tear open the packaging and connect the charging unit to your phone. Depending on your phone Chargys will deliver between 20%-70% charge on your battery, which will be enough to keep you going for around 4 more hours standby time.

Chargys Three

When the Chargy has not changed the percentage battery life on your phone for more than ten minutes you simply remove the unit and recycle either at the retail store you purchased it from or into any suitable recycling bin.


Chargys was created by two young Galway entrepreneurs, Jonathan Madden and Bryan Larkin. The idea for Chargys was born after Bryan embarked on a dangerous journey home after a night out as his phone was dead and he had no way to contact anyone for a lift.

Chargys are currently aimed at 18-30 year old’s with units for sale in bars, barbers and local retailers. Stocking Chargys allows for extra revenue to be generated in the bars and shops and from initial tests the product is proving a hit with consumers.

Chargys 4


I think that this is a great product. Sure you might have a power bank for your phone or a battery pack that will do the same job as the Chargy and which can be used repeatedly, but Chargys isn’t aimed at replacing your normal charger or power bank. Chargys is aimed at filling the gap in between, which can be quite vast as we all know from having regularly dead phones!.

It is very clear from the packaging and advertising that the target market is aimed at the younger generation, however, Chargys can be for everyone that owns a smartphone and I’m sure that as Chargys grow they will target all demographics.

If you wish to purchase a Chargys unit you can do so on their website. Chargys are available for €5.00 each, with a €0.50 shipping cost, 3 for €15.00 with a €0.50 shipping cost or 5 for €22.50 with free shipping.

All retailers that stock Chargys are required to accept the product back, these are then collected and recycled with 100% of the funds generated from recycling going directly to the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation.

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