TraxPlay Review


Do you need to put your mind at ease when letting your young one out to play? Is your teenage son or daughter learning to drive and you want to keep tabs on where they are and how fast they are travelling? Maybe your dog has a habit of making a dash for freedom when they get outside, or, you could also have an elderly relative that you need to keep an eye on. What ever the scenario, Trax Play could be the solution that you are looking for.​

Unboxing & Set Up

Included in the box are the following:
1 x Trax Play GPS tracker
1 x Micro Usb Cable
1 x Clip for Clothes
1 x Clip for Collar

The set-up is very straightforward, full instructions are available on the Trax website and on the app after you have downloaded it from the relevant app store for iOS or Android devices.

Step 1 – Charge the Trax device for at least 2 hours

Step 2 – Download and install the app to your smartphone

Step 3 – Create a Trax account, your E-mail address and password will be used to log in

Step 4 – Add your tracker using the Tracker Id and Pin number received with the device

Step 5 – Name your tracker and customize your settings

This process is very quick and within a couple of minutes you will be ready to use and discover the features Trax has to offer.



Geofences – Set multiple digital fences (personal safe zones) that will alert you as soon as a tracker enters or exits a particular area. Add personal schedules to activate and monitor specific areas at specific times.

Augmented Reality – Quickly locate your loved ones using the camera in your smartphone. Pan the phone around you, when you are pointing in the right direction, an indicator will appear showing the location and distance to your tracker.

Real-time live tracking – See the current location of your Trax GPS tracker in real time.

Speed Alerts – Set speed limits for the tracker and receive an instant alert if the device exceeds them.

Scheduling – Set individual schedules for safe zone alerts that reflect your routines. You can customize each safe zone to send notifications on certain days and/or hours.

History – The History view shows where your tracker was at a certain point of time. You can see the path on a map for the last 24 hours.

Proximity fence – Losing sight of your child in a crowded place is as easy as it is terrifying. Set up a digital fence that moves with you and receive an immediate alert if the tracker goes outside the border.

Sharing – Share your tracker location with other permitted App users.

Track multiple devices – Need to keep an eye on several trackers? No problem! You can add as many trackers as you need. It is also possible for multiple people to monitor the same tracker from their own mobile phones.

App languages – English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish.

Pro’s & Con’s​

I think that the Trax Play device is great for offering you that peace of mind when allowing your child or pet to roam free. The Trax unit at 2.2 in x 1.5 in x 0.4 in is most definitely discreet and can be attached to your child or pet via the clothing or collar clips that accompany the device. The live tracking, alerts and updates can be customised to your preference and can provide you with updates as regularly as you would like.

The drawbacks I found when using the Trax device were the constant charging, I did get over 24 hours but after that it required further charging. There is also an on-gong data plan required, for 6 months it works out at €9 a month and if you opt for the 12 month option, it will set you back €5.90 a month. When I compared the device to similar offerings I also found the lack of two-way communication and SOS button in the case of an emergency are elements that I as a parent would like to see.


The Trax device is a great product and one that I would highly recommend. It retails at €99.00 and is available from the Trax Website. Trax have very kindly offered a discount to our readers and the promo code trax15 can be used at checkout for a 15% discount.

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