My Name Is Ted Powerbank Review

Ted 4

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but I am sick of my iPhone running out of battery before 2pm. Granted I shouldn’t be on it so much, but I can’t help myself! Luckily for me I am now equipped with the stylish Powerbank from Irish company My Name Is Ted.

About My Name Is Ted

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The products were inspired by Ted Carberry, a saddler from Mountmellick in Ireland, who suffered an aneurysm at the age of 44. Ted also lost the right hand side of his body, his speech and his memory. His recovery took 3 years and was documented in a diary which the guys at My Name Is Ted came across in 2015.

Ted made his leather goods using his mouth and left hand. Ted’s ability to switch from right to left hand at will, motivated My Name is Ted to design a range of luxury bags with multi-functionality such as their 4 way carrying solution, their Smart-pocket with dual USB for charging on the move and tracking technology features.

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The two aims of My Name Is Ted are simple: Preserve the traditional beauty while incorporating technology features & fuse fashion and function to create the most adaptable carrying solution ever seen for every commuter’s preference

From studying Ted’s diaries and scouring Europe for the most authentic, luxurious and durable materials, designers and artisans to bring their collection to life, the ideas for their range of products came over time and they are of the highest quality.

The Powerbank

In my hands right now is the Ultra Slim Powerbank. You might be forgiven for thinking it’s just a Powerbank, what’s the big deal. Granted, it is a Powerbank that will charge all of your devices. In fact it will charge two devices at once if you need it. It is also quicker than a mains charger. Beyond that the look and feel of the product is impressive.

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Functionality, Specs & What’s Included in the Box

Power Bank 6000 mAh
Leather casing
Universal charging cable for Apple, Android & Micro USB Devices.
Dual USB Ports
Micro USB recharge port with Cable included
LED power/Charging Display
Choice of colour
Luxury Packaging
Size 72mm x H127mm x 13mm


The Powerbank, like all of their products, is made using 100% natural, vegetable tanned full grain Italian leather. Each product is custom made and the attention to detail is incredible. The Powerbank is contained within a hand-stitched leather casing. The leather has a MNIT logo and Power icon pressed into leather with the casing in a brushed aluminium finish.


I really love this product and not just for the fact that it is a nice piece of tech, but because it is clearly made with great love and care. It has an immaculate design and finish that makes it stand out from your average Powerbank. You can get your hands on one over at and it will only set you back €39.00.

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