National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

So you save everything to your desktop huh! Oh and you’ve created a desktop shortcut for every program on your computer. Not a lot of room left on there now, is there? What’s that, your finding it hard to locate  something  in that void? Sounds like you need to take part in National Clean  Your Desktop Day, which just by chance is today, 16th October 2017!

Since 2010, National Clean Your Desktop Day has been observed every year on the third Monday of October.  Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day was created by the The idea behind it is to organise your desktop and return your computer to it’s original state, the very first time it was booted up.

Clean Your Desktop Day

Here are some ideas on how you can take part:

  • Deleting unnecessary and unimportant files and organizing the rest into folders.
  • Transfer photos on your desktop to storage devices like SD cards, or just save them in special folders on your hard drive.
  • Share pictures with your clean and tidy computer on social media by using the hashtag #CleanYourVirtualDesktopDay.

Clean Your Desktop Day 2

The benefits of a taking part  include:

More speed –  The more you have stored on your computer, the slower your machine will become Reducing the RAM being used will bring your computer up to speed.

More space –  More space available on your computer,  will make your computer quicker, plus it will give you more space to store the important documents you need. Just refrain from reverting back to old habits and storing everything.

Start over – Be more organised this time. Label your documents appropriately and make it easy on yourself when you need to find them.

The most important benefit in my opinion is  the link  between organisation and a healthy mind. Looking after your mental health is very important and organising your virtual desktop is almost like clearing your mind.

If you  need some more information on managing your mental health and well being , there are many great organisations out there willing to help such as;  Mental Health Ireland  and  Your Mental Health.

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