Have A Spook-Tech-Ular Halloween


Houses decorated, kids trick or treating, a bonfire on the go, scary movies on the TV. It’s nearly that time of the year again, yep you’ve guessed it,Halloween!

Although some traditions never change, technology can help enhance  your Halloween experience. Whether it’s through using smart home devices to create your very own haunted house, kitting your costume out with the latest tech or simply making the best use of apps to  keep your kids safe, there are plenty of options available.


 Spooky Smart Home

Why not illuminate your home and garden with eerie  lighting. This is relatively  easy to do  with the use of  smart home lighting, readily available today, from Philips Hue,  or for a cheaper option,  Ikea now offer an affordable smart lighting range.

Next create or choose a Halloween playlist on  Spotify , if you have Google Home or  an Amazon Echo device, simply ask for your Halloween play list, creepy music will add to your spooky house. There are also apps available to sync your lights to  your music and  create a genuine Halloween lighting scheme.


​Last year my neighbour  made use of a projector and had scary images floating around on his living room blinds. I thought this was a really cool idea. There are plenty of ways to create the same effect yourself. If you own a projector get onto eBay or check out AtmosFX  or   Outrageous Media  for  spooky projections.

Maybe a step too far, but how about a fog machine to really up the ante. You can pick up the FXLAB Metal mini Fog/Smoke Machine from Amazon for a measly  £29.99. A bargain if you ask me.

Cool Costumes


So how can  tech help you out with the perfect costume?  Here’s just some of the options open to you:

LED Lighting

Depending on what you want to dress up as, LED lighting can really enhance your costume. If your a Jedi why not make your light saber realistic or if you’re an angel make your halo light up. A personal favorites I came across was this stick figure  costume idea. Check out the tutorial video below and  give it a go!

Augmented Reality Costumes

​Morphsuits has teamed up with Digital Dudz  to offer a range of  augmented reality costumes.

The idea is simple, yet brilliant. Simply download the free Digital Dudz app, slide your phone into the slot in your costume and play the video.  The animation effects are interactive and have sounds which make your costume more realistic. They have more costumes than the one’s displayed above, which you can check out on Morphsuits.  These are guaranteed to freak everyone out  this Halloween.


​As fun as Halloween can be, as a parent it can also be worrying letting your kids out in the dark on their own and not know where they are, or if they are safe. There are ways that you can ease your worries through technology.

The first thing  your kid will need is a torch. Most smartphones come with built in torches, however, they may chew up the battery, meaning you will have no way to contact your child.

There are many apps available such as Flashlight, which is available from  iOS or Android App Stores. This features a bright LED light, an always on compass, a strobe light effect and a built in SOS signal.

Another essential is  a tracking app  that will help you locate your child’s location at all times. A quick Google search will bring back loads of choice, but, a really good app is Zenly Locator Free. This is a free real-time app available on both  iOS  and  Android.

The app has some great features such as; live GPS locations, messaging and a stealth mode. It also shows you how much battery is left on your child’s phone, which is great to understand why they might not be replying to texts or calls. ​​


So there you have it, plenty of ways that you can use technology this Halloween! Have fun and stay safe everybody!

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