YouTube Partnering With Ticketmaster

Picture courtesy of Tech Crunch

YouTube has announced a partnership with Ticketmaster that will all allow you to purchase tickets for concerts while watching artist’s music videos.

The streaming giant has introduced a  “Tickets” widget which can be found beneath artists  music video’s.  ​​Displayed beneath the video will be information on concert dates and ticket prices. The show closest to your location will be listed first regardless of date, with others following it. Clicking the “Tickets” button will take you to a site where you can purchase your seats.


Announced on YouTube’s Official Blog

​“Starting today, we will begin featuring hundreds of artist’s upcoming U.S. tour dates on their YouTube videos. Fans enjoying an artist’s official music video on YouTube can now learn about upcoming concert listings and with a simple click, go to Ticketmaster to purchase tickets.”


The new feature is currently only available for artists with shows in North America, although YouTube  have plans to extend this and other features  globally in the future:

​“We’re just getting started. We’ll be rolling out this feature to all artists who have Ticketmaster shows in North America with plans to expand globally. And, as part of our ongoing commitment to support artists, we’ll continue to find additional ways to make meaningful fan and artist connections,” .​

There are no dates yet for this feature to be launched in Ireland, however, with YouTube keen to expand globally hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.


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