Engie App Review

​I’m no expert when it comes to figuring out what’s wrong with my car, usually I try to diagnose the fault through a Google search and end up with the wrong information. There’s now a device to help you out!

The Engie device is a nifty piece of equipment that is designed to help you figure out what’s wrong with your car, take the stress and trauma out of repairs and save you money at the same time.


The Engie Device

The Engie device itself is no larger than a box of matches and the box also contains the 4-step set-up instructions.

  1. Download* the Engie App to your smartphone (iOS and Android are available). *As the product is not officially available in Ireland I had to use a work-around to install the app on my phone.
  2. Locate the port in your car and plug in the device. The app provides a handy site to assist with locating the port in your car.
  3. Sync the app with your car.
  4. Begin running diagnostics.

Diagnosing Your Car

The first time I ran the diagnostics I got the delightful news that my car was ok. The app checks for a range of issues including: malfunction diagnostics, battery charge, emissions, engine heat, fuel efficiency, car systems alerts, car power, alternator, engine temperature etc. While this was great news to me I would have liked some additional information on the checks performed and further details on ideal temperature my battery should be or if my alternator at 14.5v was a good thing.


While my car was fine the first day I tested Engie, I was unlucky enough to experience a breakdown a couple of days later. Not an ideal situation, however, it did give me the opportunity to test Engie out when something goes wrong.

As I left the Engie device connected in my car, I received a notification from the app that Engie had found a new fault in my car. On opening the app I discovered that there was a major problem with my car and the diagnostics confirmed the ‘EGT temperature was too high’. Again I was unsure what this meant but the display on my dashboard advised the engine was overheating. Time to get the car to a garage!

Engie Benefits

In addition to the diagnostic functions that Engie has available, it also has GPS tracking that shows information on your last trip and the location where your car is parked. Engie also provides information on fuel consumption.

The real benefit of Engie however is when the app detects a malfunction in your car. You can search for nearby mechanics and alert local garages of your issue. The garages will then analyse the problem and provide quotes on the repair cost.

The idea is that Engie will provide drivers with sufficient information to negotiate with mechanics thus saving the driver time and money without the threat of being ripped off. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in Ireland as Engie has yet to be launched here. As Engie grows more popular we will hopefully see the app and features become available in Ireland in the near future.


At the time of writing the app has over 100,000 downloads and has launched in Israel and the UK. Engie does exactly what it says and I can personally vouch for the fact that it can detect when there is an issue with your car.

Engie boast that it can detect up to 10,000 faults with your car and it is relatively safe to presume these faults cover the majority of issues that can happen to any car. When all the features are available to Irish users it will definitely be beneficial to drivers that feel helpless when something goes wrong with their car.

At a very reasonable cost of £14.99 (Android Device) and £19.99 (iOS Device) it is not going to break the bank. You can purchase and find out more information about the Engie device on their website.

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