Euclidea: Geometric Construction Puzzles v4.0 For iOS Devices Just Released


Horis International Limited (HIL), maker of a collection of well-regarded math and geometry puzzle apps, is excited to announce the much-anticipated launch of Euclidea v4.0 ( for Apple devices. The latest version of the popular app introduces a host of new features, including user authorization, cloud-based game saves, night mode and an offline glossary. Euclidea: Geometric Construction Puzzles is available today on the   App Store  and   Google Play.

Euclidea encourages players of all ages to learn more about Euclidean geometric constructions, and to apply that knowledge to solve intriguing puzzles. The current iteration of the game features 127 levels, starting with easy puzzles and progressing gradually to extremely challenging ones. A set of 11 tutorials helps novice players quickly get up to speed with how the puzzles work. The objective of each Euclidea puzzle is to find the best solution in the least possible moves. Solving a puzzle immediately unlocks the next one.

Version 4.0 of Euclidea enhances the portability of the game by allowing game stats to be saved in the cloud. Players can then pick up where they left off, anywhere and on any connected device. The user community made their desire for this functionality loud and clear, and the HIL team is pleased to accommodate those requests.

While the ability to move seamlessly from one device to another is obviously valuable, it anticipates introducing another functionality the developers feel is even more important — the creation of a dynamic, public community dedicated to studying geometry and math as a pastime. With these disciplines too often perceived as something one learns in school and promptly forgets, there’s extraordinary potential for Euclidea to re-introduce a sense of wonder to geometry and math. And more people invested in these logic-based and practical disciplines can only be a good thing for society.



“Euclidea is an absolute joy to play,” according to the reviewer at Non-Trivial Games. “It’s a game that every math student should have and, in an ideal world, every adult should like.”

Complementing Euclidea, HIL has put together an entire family of math- and geometry-based apps, each one completely free to end users. These include Pythagorea, XSection and Tchisla, among others.

Looking ahead, the team behind Euclidea is investigating a way to allow users to generate mathematical proofs of their puzzle solutions, then send them to a server for verification. This mode could change the way geometry is taught in schools.

Available on iOS App Store.

Available on Google Play Store.

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