Somfy Announces Outdoor Camera


Awarded a CES Innovation Award 2018, this new camera is part of Somfy’s strategy to offer preventive security solutions that are compatible with all connected home ecosystems. The latest product to join the Somfy Protect portfolio (which currently includes the award winning  Somfy One,  Home Alarm and stand-alone Security camera) the outdoor camera is yet another step that firmly positions Somfy as a pioneer and world leader in connected security.

The most deterring camera

In order to deter intruders, the Somfy Outdoor Camera incorporates a powerful siren (110 dB). As soon as a visitor approaches, the speaker of the camera warns them that they are in a secure area. Following this, the 110 dB siren is automatically triggered after a predetermined warning period that can be customised from the application, or manually from the application.

The automatic triggering of the siren is made possible by the latest generation of SomfyVision™ technology that’s embedded into this new camera. Thanks to artificial intelligent algorithms, the outdoor camera is able to accurately distinguish between a human and an animal. The risk of false alarm (animals, cars etc ) outside is thus removed.

In order to further enhance the level of deterrence at night, the Somfy Outdoor Camera can also control an outdoor light fixture.

pic 3

Day and night surveillance

It is possible to monitor your home day and night with Full HD optics equipped with powerful infrared LED’s.

In order to optimise outdoor monitoring and to compensate for lighting problems such as sunlight or shaded areas, the camera is equipped with the High Dynamic Range (HDR) function.

User friendly, easy and intuitive installation

The Somfy Outdoor Camera is easily installed in any home by simply plugging it into an outlet, or connecting it to an electrical outlet. It’s even possible to use the power supply of an existing luminaire, which itself becomes powered and controlled by the camera via the Somfy Protect app or by using the optional Bluetooth wall switch.

Perfect for families due to a smart activation feature, the camera automatically disarms when owners return home and sends a reminder via the app to activate when they leave. By using the Somfy Protect KeyFob that can be attached to a keyring, it is even possible to arm and disarm the system without a smartphone.

pic 2

First line of defence to a complete solution

As with other cameras in the Somfy Protect range, when motion is detected, a photo or video alert is sent, and a video of the event is recorded and secured in the cloud. These videos can be viewed and downloaded for free for 24 hours. Homeowners can now also schedule automatic transfers of videos to a personal FTP or a Dropbox account. For added security, a recording and streaming option is also available.

In case of intrusion, homeowners can call and speak to people on the doorstep.
Making it possible to efficiently secure an apartment or home, the Somfy Protect range includes an alarm systems and video surveillance.

The Somfy Outdoor Camera is part of a larger ecosystem that offers preventive security solutions. Other products include the  IntelliTAGTM, an intelligent sensor for doors and windows that triggers the alarm when sensing shocks or vibrations of a forced break-in.

Like all other products in the Somfy Protect range, the outdoor camera boasts a compact design, simplicity of installation and use, a high level of security, optional subscription services and protection of privacy.

Compatible with everyone’s connected home

Somfy wants to offer its customers the most comprehensive and open offer on the market to simplify the management of their connected home.

The Somfy Outdoor Camera is not only compatible with TaHoma, Somfy’s home automation solution, but also with the most important Smart Home ecosystems:  Apple Home Kit, Works With Nest, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


The Somfy Outdoor Camera will be available in summer 2018 in white or anthracite. For more information about the Somfy Protect range visit For more information about all of Somfy’s smart security products visit

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