VR for Beginners – Infographic


The guys at  Carvaka  have put together this infographic which is a useful step-by-step guide for those beginners to the world of virtual reality who wish to learn more about how accessible it is. They also detail some interesting apps which can be used on a device to enhance the virtual reality experience. The graphic also highlights some of those aforementioned advanced headsets which will really step up your VR game. Check it out below!

Many will also wrongly assume that these tech’ trends are out of their reach prevented by the bounds of expense or cost but again many of these tech trends are full accessible, sometimes even for free and often at a lower cost than is perceived. So many people enjoy using the likes of Snapchat and Instagram (Stories) and they are social media platforms that are free to use for all and penetrate all age demographics.

VR For Beginners

Augmented reality is a major part of those two apps and many people don’t even realise that is what they are utilizing. Virtual reality too is often wildly misunderstood; when people think of it, they often believe that they require hugely powerful and expensive headsets in order to enter a virtual immersive world. Of course this could not be further from the truth. Once you have a smartphone, it’s likely you are steps away from experiencing virtual reality. Cheap and inexpensive headsets are widely available all over the world and of course for more advanced players, higher specification (and more expensive) sets are available too. ​

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