High TV at CES Presents No Glasses 3D, Holograms and a Blockchain-Enabled Messaging App

High TV, the world’s most extensive 4K content provider, announced a suite of technological advances at the 2018 CES convention today. In addition to its current offering of 4K and 3D content, over the next months they will be rolling out glasses free 3D content and holographic content to its worldwide audience.

The company also presented the upcoming release of SuchApp its realtime messaging app that brings cryptocurrency into the messaging arena. Under development for over two years, this revolutionary multi-channel messaging app uses SPS tokens for buying and selling and has the potential to become the next generation of social communication.

High TV SuchApp desktop

HighTV works with major hardware manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei to bring the most advanced content to millions of subscribers all around the world. Through its two TV networks High 4K TV and High 3D TV, the company transmits travel, tourism, lifestyle, sports and entertainment in ultra HD.

Ronny Shany, Co Founder of High TV, said:

“Users are hungry for new and exciting ways to consume content. Holograms and glasses free 3D are the future for movies, games and sports and we’re proud to be on the forefront of these trends,”

“With SuchApp we’re launching a complete ecosphere that combines real time messaging with 4K content  integrated with cutting edge blockchain technology.”

High TV SuchApp app

The largest venture of High TV is SuchApp, the next Instant Messaging App that, unlike many other blockchain initiatives, SuchApp isn’t in the planning phase or an abstract project waiting to take form. The alpha version will be released this month and will feature:

  • Powerful group functionality
  • Location-based messaging
  • Ability to create and manage loyalty programs for groups of all sizes
  • Physical gift cards for offline use
  • Fully encrypted one-on-one and group text, voice and video chats

Local businesses can activate a custom loyalty program to help grow their business and get customers to come back. These loyalty programs are available to every group administrator to offer reward points, promotions, discounts and more.

SuchApp contains an integrated digital wallet as well as a debit/giftcard system that leverages the incorporated digital currency.

These features eclipse what’s available on other social messaging platforms, positioning SuchApp to become the WhatsApp of 2020. In fact, SuchApp is poised to become one of the leading messaging apps in the next five years.

SuchApp is an unrivaled tool for businesses to develop social engagement for branding and customer service as well as a portal for product and service transactions. The integrated SPS token serves as the basis for the economic ecosphere, the measurement of loyalty programs, and as an exchange mechanism between user-created loyalty programs.

Shany Says:

“We want to make sure our early supporters receive the treatment they deserve,”

“They’re getting in on the ground floor of something truly revolutionary and will receive perks that others won’t.”

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