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These days we often hear of data leaks and computer hacks and privacy is becoming more and more of a priority for people. Irish company InvivBox have brought to the market, the InvizBox Go, with the aim of making it easier to protect your online privacy.

About Invizbox Go

The InvizBox Go is a discreet, portable VPN router that allows you to secure all your Internet traffic when using WiFi. It works everywhere to secure your browsing privacy and security. You can use it at home, abroad or on public WiFi anywhere in the world.

“Our mission is to be a world leader in highly configurable, yet easy-to-use devices for cyber security and privacy protection.”


What’s Included?

  • Box includes InvizBox Go, 1 Micro usb cable, quick start user manual
  • Secure Shipping with tamper evident stickers.
  • Individually flashed and verified in Dublin to ensure quality and security.
  • Unique secure password per device.
  • The simplest and easy to use UI.
  • Pluggable Transports in the form of obfs2/obfs3/scramblesuit to mask your Tor traffic.
  • GeoIP Configuration. Choose which countries you allow as exit nodes. Block the “Five Eyes”.
  • Prevent exploit of WebRTC IP disclosure vulnerability on Firefox and Chrome.
  • Real-time stats and graphs.

Using The InvizBox Go


The set up is very straightforward, connect your device to the InvizBox Go over WiFi and that’s it. Your Internet traffic is now encrypted, ensuring your privacy and security. The InvizBox Go updates itself with regular security and feature updates and you don’t need to worry about installing any software.

What Features Does The Invizbox Go Have?

Protect all of your devices – Using the InvizBox Go at home is great as it allows you to connect multiple devices at once. It offers 24/7 protection to all of your devices. You can basically connect any WiFi capable device i.e. Your smart TV’s, laptops, phones tablets etc.


Fast, secure and reliable VPN – InvizBox Go uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection and each InvizBox Go has access to a fast and secure VPN which consists of over 500 servers in 20 countries to keep your traffic safe. InvizBox Go have partnered with IP Vanish, one of the most well known VPN “no log” providers in the world to fully protect your local network.

InvizBox Go also connects to the Tor network. Tor is a service that helps you to protect your anonymity while online and can conceal a user’s location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis.

Recharge your portable devices – The InvizBox Go also doubles as a handy Powerbank that allows you to charge your device when you are running low on battery when on the move. Simply plug into the USB port on the InvizBox Go and charge away.


Access blocked content – It’s always a nuisance when you’re unable to access your usual content because of your geographical location. The InvizBox Go eliminates this frustration allowing you to access your normal Netflix content, the RTÉ Player and your Sky Go content wherever you may be. Believe it or not these services are blocked or severely restricted depending on where you are.

Extend your Wifi – Is your WiFi network weak in certain parts of your home or when you’re away and the hotel WiFi only shows one bar of strength on the WiFi network. Simply put the InvizBox Go into “extender mode” and connect your devices to the InvizBox Go. This will extend ans strengthen the network coverage,, enabling you to access your content.

Extend Wifi

Block Ads – Online adverts can be a nuisance and can detract hugely from your online experience, particularly when they play video’s or pop-up unexpectedly. The InvizBox Go has a list of known ad providers and can optionally block those domains for all of your devices, removing unwanted ads.

Open Source Code – The software used is open source and as a result provides two major benefits:

1) It allows other security experts to examine the code, ensuring the best security.
2) It gives you that extra confidence that we’re not hiding anything malicious.

My Thoughts

As someone who would regularly travel for business I am on-board with the benefits offered with the Invizbox Go. The set-up is straightforward and for those not familiar with how to set-up and use a VPN it removes this difficulty completely.


Online security should not be taken lightly and it’s something that everyone should treat as a priority.  In addition to the online security,  the WiFi extending feature, the multiple device support and the added bonus of doubling up as a Powerbank makes the Invizbox Go a great product you should really aim to get your hands on.


If you would like to get your hands on an InvizBox Go you can do so HERE. The starting price is €119.00, which includes 2 months free premium VPN service and free shipping. InvizBox also offer the InvizBox 2 & The InvizBox 2 Pro with both available from their online store.


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