Pawbo Introduces iPuppyGo, The Activity Tracker For Your Furry Friends

Pawbo, the pet technology company, has announces the launch of the iPuppyGo the pet tracker that allows pet owners to understand pets’ activity the smart way!

iPuppy Go

The iPuppyGo is a light and simple connected tracker for pets, monitoring furry friends’ activity levels and wellness, including their mood and sleep patterns.

Connecting via the iPuppyGo app, pet owners can enter basic information about their pets and start recording and tracking the pets’ status. Not only providing analysis of pet health and wellbeing, the iPuppyGo provides fun incentives for owners through its Treasure Hunting game, available via the iPuppyGo app. This unique feature encourages pet owners to walk with their furry friends, searching for hidden treasure along the way, with the chance to win prizes as an incentive.

Features & benefits

  • Easy set-up: Users input their pets’ details to track activity and sleeping status via the iPuppy Go sensor which easily attaches to any collar.
  • Smart connectivity: The iPuppy Go connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth allowing users to  sync the data recorded right away.
  • Ease of viewing data: Via the iPuppyGo app, users can view the activity status, calories burned, sleeping hours and mood of the pet.
  • Treasure Hunt game: Turn routine walks into fun with the Treasure Hunt game – available via the iPuppyGo app. The game encourages owners to hunt for treasure in their local area and win prizes. This unique incentive is aimed to encourage health and fitness in owners and pets alike.
  • Available in yellow and green

iPuppyGo is priced at £29.99 and available from

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