Spring Into Step This Season With AfterShokz

Spring has sprung so there’s really no reason not to dust off those trainers and start running again. Below we’ve listed our top four reasons to get outside and start clocking up the kilometres.

Aftershokz Spring

Get social with it

With the added sunlight and warmer weather comes an abundance of road runners taking advantage of the improved conditions. The perfect opportunity to make new friends or catch up with old ones, there’s no excuse not to grab your favourite pair of AfterShokz headphones and head out for a social run.

Plenty of practice for a marathon

Taking on either a full or half marathon is no mean feat, however signing up for a race is a great way of ensuring that new runners stay motivated to get outside. The beauty of starting training in the Spring is that you’ll be running fit by the end of the year, giving you the opportunity to take part in Autumn races such as Royal Parks half, the Yorkshire Marathon and the Great South Run. AfterShokz headphones are approved to be worn in all England Athletics races (unlike traditional sports/running headphones) making them the ideal piece of kit for training and racing.

The scenery is changing

When the world is going through its own rebirth in the form of Spring, it’s criminal to stay indoors and miss it. Check out the flowering trees and sprouting daffodils for yourself by pulling on a pair of running shoes and AfterShokz headphones whilst pounding the pavement. Whether running along the Thames or trekking through the New Forest, Spring is the best time of the year for outdoor running so don’t let it leave you in its wake.

Goodbye darkness my old friend

Gone are the days when early mornings and late nights mean running into the abyss. With Spring comes an increase in daylight that makes those before or after work runs much more manageable. Whether it be a 5k through the park, or something off the beaten track, the improved visibility opens up a whole network of running paths that absolutely demand to be trodden.

Using bone conduction tech to transmit sound through the skull and so leaving the earholes completely clear, AfterShokz’s line of headphones are ideal for those looking to stay safe while running this Spring. Current products in the range include:

AfterShokz bone conduction headphones From £49.99 / Available from aftershokz.co.uk.


AfterShokz’s wired and wireless sports headphones offer a comfortable, healthy and safe way of listening to music. Unlike conventional headphones and ear buds, these bone conduction headsets transmit audio waves to the inner ears through the skull, bypassing the eardrums completely. Specifically designed to use whilst exercising, these lightweight headphones are sweat proof, secure and offer a crystal-clear audio experience whilst allowing individuals to stay aware of traffic and ambient sounds around them. Products in the range include:

  • Trekz Air (£149.99) – Recently launched, this wireless headphone is the next generation of bone conduction headphones. Lighter and boasting a full titanium frame to ensure a secure fit, these are perfect to use with all sports.
  • Trekz Titanium (£109.99) – Wireless headphones available in four colours, slate, ocean, ivy and pink. Sweat proof and comfortable, these headphones are aimed with amateur and pro athletes in mind. Also available in a MINI option for kids and teens.
  • Sportz Titanium – Wired headsets available in three colours. Models in the Sportz range are available with a microphone (£59.95) and without (£49.99) depending on whether fitness fanatics like to use their headset to send and receive calls.

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