Are We Creating A Secure Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT) – Infographic

The Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT) allows retailers to explore new avenues of customer communication and sales increases, by connecting existing systems and devices that already exist online and ofline, in the in-store environment. t's a concept that leading retailers are beginning to embrace and utilise, but their remains some EIoT issues, especially security, that need to be resolved before EIoT becomes more mainstream.

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The Royole Moon Theatre Is The Must-Have Gadget For Off-Piste Entertainment

Whether you’re a skier or a boarder, complete beginner or total hot-shot, a day out on the snow leaves you craving a mulled wine, hot spa and R’n’R for the rest of the evening. A completely immersive, 3D mobile theatre, the Royole Moon offers just that, moving your mind from your weary legs and putting you in the middle of the movie or TV action.

High TV at CES Presents No Glasses 3D, Holograms and a Blockchain-Enabled Messaging App

High TV, the world's most extensive 4K content provider, announced a suite of technological advances at the 2018 CES convention today. In addition to its current offering of 4K and 3D content, over the next months they will be rolling out glasses free 3D content and holographic content to its worldwide audience.

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