Jabra Freeway In Car Bluetooth Speaker Review

​I’m fairly new to the market where in-car Bluetooth speakers are concerned as I’ve never had the need for one. My previous car had Bluetooth as standard built into the radio. When I bought my new car this feature wasn’t included and I found myself searching for a solution.  I knew of Jabra as manufacturers of earphones but was intrigued to find they offered a range of in-car Bluetooth speakers, the Jabra Freeway being one of them. Here’s my thoughts on the Freeway!


My Name Is Ted Powerbank Review

I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I am sick of my iPhone running out of battery before 2pm. Granted I shouldn't be on it so much, but I can't help myself! Luckily for me I am now equipped with the stylish Powerbank from Irish company My Name Is Ted.

TraxPlay Review

Do you need to put your mind at ease when letting your young one out to play? Is your teenage son or daughter learning to drive and you want to keep tabs on where they are and how fast they are travelling? Maybe your dog has a habit of making a dash for freedom when they get outside, or, you could also have an elderly relative that you need to keep an eye on. What ever the scenario, Trax Play could be the solution that you are looking for.​

Chargys Review

I am always running low on battery in my iPhone and I am forever getting caught out with a dead phone before the day is out. It always seems this happens at an important time like on holidays, at concert or at football game where I need my phone to capture memorable moments. Enter onto the scene, Chargys, a one time, instant use recyclable charger that you can use to give your battery a boost.

SMS Audio BioSport™ In-Ear Headphones Review

I recently found myself on the lookout for a new set of headphones for running. While there are a lot of options available, particularly wireless option from the likes of Jabra, which my wife wears. I decided to give SMS Audio’s biometric in-ear headphones a go. They are a cheaper option and they have a discreet optical heart-rate monitor built into one of the buds.

Assure Slim GPS Location Mobile Watch-Phone Review

Since I have become a father in recent years my eyes have been opened to the various child friendly devices, particularly tracking devices. Following on from last year’s Liberty Watch comes Watchover’s Assure Slim SOS GPS Location Mobile Watch-Phone. This watch is suitable for children and the elderly and puts your mind at ease when they are out and about.

CleverBooks Review

As much as I love writing about technology, I do love to read a good book! So when the two are blended together you can imagine how exciting that is. Clever Books offer this in the form of educational children’s fairy tales that come to life through 3D reality.

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