Can you Imagine A World Without Smartphones?

A world without Smartphones, stop that crazy talk!! But just how crazy is it. Technology is advancing at such a rate that it’s surely inevitable that smartphones will go the way of the dinosaurs and leave this world forever. But what’s the next big thing? What are companies working on next? Can you replace something that has weaved it’s way into (almost) every part of our lives over the past decade?


Is ‘Smart’ Stupid

“Alexa, write this blog for me.” Okay, Amazon’s voice service Alexa isn’t that clever (yet) but there is a world of potential just waiting to be unlocked. The Amazon Echo is just one of many devices that we may find in what we know as the ‘Smart Home’ today. I’ll be looking at what a ‘Smart Home’ is and the wonderful opportunities available to you. I’ll also explore the drawbacks of a ‘Smart Home’ and what the future holds for this trend.

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