Pawbo Munch, The Feel-Good Gadget For Your Pets

Pawbo, the pet technology company owned by tech giants Acer, has announced the launch of its latest gadget for pets, the Pawbo Munch. The feel-good treat dispenser for your furry friends also houses an LED display and audio speakers, letting you interact with your pets from wherever you are in the world.


Royole To Bring Game-Changing Flexible Electronics Technology To CES 2018

Royole is highlighting their extensive capabilities with flexible technologies while also demonstrating a variety of applications to deliver on the company’s mission of improving the way people interact with and perceive their world.

Give 2018 A Kick-Start In Style

With the end of the holidays and the beginning of a new year it's time for new year's resolutions and the inevitable drive to be healthy and get fit. If you are looking to kick off the new year on the right foot after stocking up on mince pies over the festive period, Ranieri have  rounded up fitness gadgets to help you nail that new regime and keep the heart rate pumping into 2018.

Can you Imagine A World Without Smartphones?

A world without Smartphones, stop that crazy talk!! But just how crazy is it. Technology is advancing at such a rate that it’s surely inevitable that smartphones will go the way of the dinosaurs and leave this world forever. But what’s the next big thing? What are companies working on next? Can you replace something that has weaved it’s way into (almost) every part of our lives over the past decade?

Tech It Or Leave It

A travel ban on technology you say!! What has technology done to deserve this? Is this another Trump ban on religion (our sacred religion of technology) or is this necessary? As crazy and confusing as it sounds and most definitely is, here’s my attempt to try and make some sense of it all.

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